Pathways to Success


We’re calling all problem solvers to the cutting edge. Engineering puts the principles of science, technology and math to work to find solutions through innovation. If you’re intrigued by how something works or finding a way to make it work better, engineering could be the field for you. Plus, it offers some of the highest paying jobs in the country. 


Energy Management

I made that. That’s what professionals in advanced manufacturing get to say at the end of the day. And they get to say it about nearly everything we use in our everyday lives. As advanced manufacturing’s demand for technical and critical thinking skills grows, a variety of exciting, technology-driven jobs are emerging.  



Automotive Technology

Everyone admires a nice vehicle, but if you’re more interested in what makes it go, automotive technology might be for you. You’ll learn about the science and technology running today’s sophisticated automobiles and the hands-on skills needed for maintenance and repairs. 




Culinary Arts

More and more diners expect more from their food, spurring growth and versatility in culinary arts. From personal chefs who can meet a family’s dietary or lifestyle needs to creative cooks interested in new trends and techniques, a variety of opportunities await in this fun and fast-paced field. 



Health Sciences

There is hardly an industry that offers deeper job satisfaction than health sciences. Every day, health care professionals rely on their knowledge and skill to meet challenges and improve the lives of others. What’s more, health sciences offer one of the most diverse mixes of career opportunities. 



Information Technology

At work and at play, information technology is constantly changing the way we live. This fast-growing field needs bright minds and technical skills to keep it all running properly and safely. In fact, in this decade, employment in computer systems design and related services is expected to grow twice as fast as the growth rate of all industries combined.  




From appliances to bridges and skyscrapers, welding is critical for many of the products and infrastructure we need. As evolving technology improves quality and adaptability, the field is not only expected to grow, but it is also attracting highly skilled workers. 



“Ready for college-level curriculum now, then your pathway is Early College! Ask how you can attend classes at ECTC during your senior year.”

How it Works

EC3 brings together students from Central Hardin, John Hardin and North Hardin High School to take learning to a higher level. Spending half days at EC3, students have a greater opportunity to explore their interests and get in-depth, hands-on instruction. Students still take classes and enjoy all the extra-curricular activities and events offered at their high schools, too.

Working with Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, Western Kentucky University and Sullivan University, as well as many area businesses, we’ve built a robust educational partnership that will bring unprecedented prospects for students. 

These partners have weighed in on everything from the lessons taught to the design of our new facility, ensuring EC3 is preparing students for their next steps.